park slope pig

11/13/2009, 11:27 pm
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Martha Stewart profiles the Brooklyn local and organic food explosion. It’s less awkward than it could’ve been. She’s taken aback by a drink called “acid wash” but seemingly not at using human hair for fertilizer.

The dude from Marlow and Sons/Diner makes brick chicken and I instantly want to make it. It requires deboning a chicken breast and thigh. That seems challenging. But watching the piece, I can feel the crunch of that skin on my teeth and tongue.


11/13/2009, 5:32 pm
Filed under: Piggery adventure

I recently signed up to receive 12 weeks of pig parts from The Piggery charcuterie CSA located somewhere in New York State. Every week beginning on December 3rd yummies like bacon, sausage, deli meat, pork chops, pork belly (whoa), pate, and occasionally cracklings and lard and ribs and pulled pork and Boston butt will be delivered to Brooklyn. I will pick them up and rush home to unpack them. I imagine I’ll keep a stash of crackers to dip into pate at the earliest possible moment.

Piggery treats the pig so that your delivery will contain convenient products like deli meat that don’t require you to cook for hours to take advantage of your hog. More often than not, I will treat my pig somewhat inconveniently as I test and create different recipes. We now live in a world where bacon ice cream is accepted fare, so the sky’s the limit for for what I can do in my tiny orange Park Slope kitchen.

My partner Patrick will be helping. Patrick’s sister Laura and brother-in-law Jason will be splitting the pigness with me (but not for the first two weeks because they’re going on their honeymoon). We’re alternating hosting dinners using the CSA goodies each month. I suppose this is the uppity Brooklyn version of roasting a pig on a spit.

Community supported agriculture! Including delivery, this venture will cost in total $375. That’s about 32 bucks a week, or 16 for Patrick and me and 16 for Laura and Jason weekly. Hot damn, that’s some serious cheapness.

Excited! Really excited.